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how the united states may change this influence, address this national security deficiencies him and provide global leadership in an era when the american economy may not be the overwhelming source of power it once was. increasingly, national influence will be determined by whether the countries can contribute to solving global problems or at lease whether they are making themselves indispensable to other nations. china and other developing economies are demanding a greater say in the management of the world economy through the g20 and other mechanisms. china's global leverage has increased as it liberally positioned itself as a creditor nation with more than 20% of the world current account balance surplus. we cannot depend invasively on china investing heavily in the united states government that. some thought must be given to how we work with china and other nations to establish a more sensible global balance that depends less on demand by american consumers. the united states in the g20 also must rethink the role of the international financial institutions that provide crisis
to assume and they don't like having all the pressure brought on by the united states to ratchet up the level of chinese obligation. >> rose: also this evening, french chef eric ripert of the famous new york restaurant la bernadine. >> so when i came to new york, we're talking about 20 years ago. i came with a very french way of seeing food with a very strong mediterranean influence and then i discovered japanese cuisine. i discovered chinese cuisine, i went to brooklyn and visit the stores where they have all the spices. i traveled throughout the u.s. and interact with many other chefs from other cultures. i discovered south america. i went to japan. and all of that is ultimately digested and comes back in the kind of... i call that smart fusion. >> rose: a look at china and the united states in the after math of the presidential visit and food through the skills of eric ripert next. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: this evening we continue our coverage of president obama's visit to china. earlier today he
. the reason why i am having a problem with mental health care providers is the united states society as whole as having a problem with mental health care providers. they are not available. it makes it very difficult for us to make up our shortage. that is why i look to other ways of trying to get that kind of help. that is one of the reasons i am so excited about what we just did online. if this were to prove that we could do this in post-camps for returning soldiers, i believe that the data that i looked at is based on the old way of doing things. if this proves to be something we can use, we can lower that number that we needed to half of our peril. -- to have on our peril. >> given the problems that you have identified in trying to figure out who may be a suicide risk, how confident are you that the army will be able to apply any meaningful metric to who might be at risk for that kind of violence we saw ed roq5at fort hood. could you find them if they were? >> please let run the correct me if i am wrong. i am excited about what nimh is doing. is there analogy. not my analogy. when they tal
five men that planned the attacks of 9/11 will face justice in the united states. just blocks from where the world trade center used to stand. some college victory for the rule of law. others call it a slap in the face. eric holder show that he was not about to apologize for the decision when some of the senators went after him. here is an example. >> you talked about the best chances to prosecute, one of the factors has to be that he has at least at some point asked to plead guilty. you must have taken that into account. >> that was then. i do not know what he wants to do now, and i will not base the determination on what a murderer wants to do. he will not select the prosecution venue, i will select it, and i have. shepard: the murderer said that he wanted to die here. that was the beginning of the exchange. the attorney general extended his position, saying that the world will see collied shake muhammed for the tower that he is. -- holly shake muhammed -- collied shake muhammed for the murderer that he is. >> the administration said that they were not making this a law enforceme
, opening up new opportunities for u.s. workers here in the united states of america which is exactly what is being said to president obama as he meets in korea at this moment with their leadership. with president lee and others. so i think that we need to have our attention in this congress focused on the priorities -- the priorities the american people have. fire fighting is very, very important. but again this measure will pass if not unanimously narrowly unanimously and it will do so and i hope get the resources to ensure that we never have the loss of life like those of captain hall and others. but i know from having spoken to their families, mr. speaker, that they believe that the absolutely essential for us to encourage private sector job creation and economic growth and that's why i'm talking about this priority that needs to be addressed here. now, mr. speaker, i'm going to urge my colleagues to defeat the previous question as we move ahead. why? because the issue of reading legislation is another very, very important one that is before us. there is a bipartisan proposal launched
the president there will want to know china's latest thoughts on containing with the united states the united states nuclear program. bret: major, that is not all that is on the president's schedule in coming hours, right? >> that's correct. i will sit down on behalf of the fox news channel with an interview with president obama and some other correspondents here will do the same. we will cover a lot of issues, iran, north korea, trade in this region, climate change, jobs and healthcare back home. we're going to try to hit all the bases in a slightly different respect. bret: it should be interesting. majoring thank you. you can see that interview "special or the" six p.m. eastern tomorrow. let's look at the debt relationship now between the u.s. and china. how did we get in such a hole and is it going to get biger? here is correspondent wendell goler. >> it's the elephant in the room that aides say the two leaders didn't talk about, china's huge holding of u.s. treasury bonds. >> the $800 billion never came up in conversation, and the president dealt with every issue on his agenda in a very d
for president. >> well, here is the big question. do you ever want to be president of the united states? >> that certainly isn't on my radar screen right now. but when you consider some of the ordinary turning into extraordinary events that have happened in my life, i am not one to predict what will happen in a few years. my ambition, if you will, my desire, is to help our country in whatever role that may be. and i cannot predict what that will be, what doors would be opened in the year 2012. >> we were talking, she used the word ambition. if she had said my ambition -- my passion or commitment it would have had a different reaction to people and they pay attention to that. sean: you're really good at what you do. you advise politicians and advise a lot of people in the public arena how to deal with the media. but maybe if she -- one of the things she talks about in the campaign is she couldn't be sarah. if she would have listened to you, and become the little contrived -- does she become a little canned, does she become a little -- >> she became contrived and canned because of what wa
% of our exports f we boost it by 1%, that would be 200,000 well-paying jobs in the united states. export promotion would be something we could do without spending money. there may be tax provisions that may encouraging highering sooner are remember than than later, so we're looking at those. it is important to wreck r. recognize that if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that a at some point people could lose confidence in the u.s. economy in a way that could lead to a double-dip recession, so one of the trickiest things that we're doing right now is to, on the one hand, make sure that the recovery is supported, and not withdraw a lot of money either with tax increases or big spending cuts and states, for example, need a lot of support to keep hiring teachers and so forth, and at the same time making sure we're setting up a pathway long term for the reduction. it is about as hard of a play as there is, but it's what we have to do, and whatever jobs, additional jobs legislation comes out with has to fit into that broader framework. >> does it raise the defi
. >> here is the big question, do you ever want to be president of the united states? >> that is not on my radar screen right now. when you consider some of the ordinary turning into extraordinary things in my life, i am not want to predict what will happen in a few years. my ambition, my desire is to help our country in whatever role that may be. i cannot predict what that will be. >> she used the word ambition. if she had said passion or commitment, it would have had a completely different reaction and people would pay attention to that. sean: you are really good at what you do. you advise people on how to deal with the media. this is one of the things she talks about in the campaign is that she could not be satirized. if she was to listen to you, that should become and little bit contrived, can't? >> she became contrived because of what was done to her. >sean: wasn't a that real what you just saw? >> people don't think about the power of a language that they use. people form immediate judgments based on a single word or phrase. sean: if i was giving you advice, i would say to pick out t
and the democratic and republican party. we need to start operating like the united states instead of everybody trying to get what their states need. i am from oregon. we get a free ride on this. i do not want anything off of my countrymen's back. i do not need it. host: think you for your participation. up next, we will share from the agricultural secretary, tom vilsack about food security in the united states. we will be right back. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] >> this weekend the u.s. financial crisis. nomi prins will be on. sunday afternoon, three new books about sarah palin, including a book signing. scott conroy on sarah from alaska. >> american icon, three nights of c-span original documentaries on the iconic homes of the three branches of american government. beginning thursday night at 8:00 eastern, the supreme court, home to america's highest court, reveals the building in exquisite detail. saturday at 8:00 eastern, the capital. famerican icon, three memorable nights. this day, friday, and saturday at
least pentionflict i mean war but i mean in terms of strategic conflict with e united states which is right now th primy power i asia. d getso veryarge queson, charlie you asd before. how do we deal with this kind of china? 're gointo have a big deba in this country. it already under way. it will get more intense. do we try to contain china? e see i as we sawstal's viet u or mao's china? do we eko engage it? >> we do wanto engage china and in a the issues tt have been set out in th misting. but i also think theese chin will talk us to death. and before this summit i was down in wash aington an administration officl said "the truth is, they dot wan to cooperate on anything." and so i ink in additioto our continued efforts... >> rose: they don't want to cooperate on anything? >> exactly. >> rose: they have no interest in currency reform. they have no interest in climate change. they have no interest in... >>s that' why you see... >> in nick burn's friend rober zell leg in being a responsible stakholder? >> rht, thk that's why you see the rt of hoe level delivebles. and it may be too
got an award from the president of the united states. this time the dalai lama came to washington and president obama wouldn't meet with him because he didn't wa to offend the chinese government which has major disputes. he did not want to offend them on the eve of his trip. that i think is a theme you're going to see playing out over the next few days. tavis: first asia. now jump to afghanistan. i'll come back to the troop issue in just a second. first, president karzai set to be sworn in for a second term on thursday. we all know the turmoil around the elections. t oeride of his inauguration for the second term on thursday, what position are we now in dealing with him leading this country? >> he is an extremely imperfect character. that said, i'm not cvinced that theer players that we had hoped would have won or been more competitive would have been that much better. karzai is not our solution in iraq. -- in afghanistan, sry. our pato potentia success in afghanistan is going to be to improve the quality of the situation. if we do that, it will draw local afghanis out to particip
. the more mile air in place across the estern united states. we have been showing you the maps where we shown you breamington and rochester, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. our temperatures near or above normal. the forecast for today looks like this increasing clouds, seasonal temperatures, 58 degrees for your high. for tonight here is what we are looking at, -- tonight, 48 degrees is what we are looking at with some clouds. tomorrow more clouds build in. we have a hans of showers during the chance of showers during the course of the day. 39 tomorrow. saturday and sunday a chance of rain late in the day. that's a look at what is happening on the weather. let's get a update on traffic from julie. >>> here we go on the roads now. big delay ifs you are traveling eastbound along 66. the problem with the accident we had at 50 fair oaks activity pushed to the should i. slow out of centerville. delays from 123 towards the capitol beltway. southbound 270 of rockville on the slow side. it will be for a while. local lanes below speed as well. southbound 270, slow approaching passing 109. germa
's. >>> the day at the data states voiced its concern -- the day after the united states voiced its concern about israel bulldozing homes, washington had sharply rebuked israel for plans for 900 new homes in the largely arab region. according to president obama, it could lead to a very dangerous situation. it >> 30,000 people already live here. israel is building new homes and says it will continue to do so. they see it as part of their capital, jerusalem. this is east jerusalem, part of land that israel captured in a war more than 40 years ago under international law. they're not supposed to build on occupied land. as long as it does, say palestinians, they will not restart the stalled peace talks. the palestinian prime minister voiced frustration with the stalled peace process and the is -- and the israeli expansion of settlements. >> it is a question of settlement policy. there is no such thing. there is no such thing when it comes to settlement activity. it either its stops completely or does not stop. >> not israel's building plans have provoked anger and concern across the international com
united states is at hland meadows emtary school making ph for healterif stil called healthier schools gram ram. mrs. obama is viting t cateria andardenhis rning. >> gssso.ave a gden ther 11:11 ur time now. pirates attack a u.s. ship for the sond t in seven months. ming up, who stopped the fm g ship. >>> and t thele will connect to the space station in the next half hour. "aantis" is getting closer to e itional space station. the slelock in about half an hour from w. it will del000 pouf anda can g a look at sndhidakeure everythis iac atirginians are onboard the ntis. >>> a group of somates ied totake ship. european union navalces say ards onboard reld the attackit gun firend a high erab onboard t ship today. >>> in virginia beach the c to free a massive bart ran round durghe nor'eter we lt ek. the barge gut ston sand r and they are trying to get it back to sea. officials sare iy the risk to the environment. >>> presidentbama isn s korea ght rning after spendghree s the president spe the last day of that visitith the predentsi of chi. he tellsbc's chief white house correspondent chuc
early. in the united states, the american cancer society says that death rates for breast cancer when have been declining due to early detection, but it also says that in addition to risks, there are false alarms. for women who began at age 40, there were 400 false alarms for every thousand women screened. to fight that, beat bodies say that the benefits outweigh the harms. >> when getting a mammogram is one of more stressful experiences. but women in their 40's now have the added anxiety to figure out if they should even be getting them at all. the preventive services task force, made out of doctors and scientists, say that women under 50 possibly be to be posted every few years, and doctors should stop teaching women to do self examination altogether. that is a hard pill to swallow for survivors, a diagnosed at an early age. some argue that the guidelines are reckless and instead of saving lives, the government is trying to save the bottom line. >> many of us are concerned that it is a money saving issue and the motivation is about saving costs as opposed to lives. i think we should
that mistake. we think we need to be ready for additional waves here in the united states. >> so the plan is because of the unpredictability, and though somewhat informed by experience that the manufacturing facilities are going to continued to turn out the vaccine, and the country is going to continue to urge people particularly in that 160 million at-risk population to get the vaccine. am i right? >> yes, that is right. we would imagine for the following year that if this strain is persisting, it might be rolled into the vaccine, be new the winter and spring, we feel like ongoing efforts of prevention are important. >> okay. well, i appreciate the testimony. i had a question for you, but since senator collins put you in the limelight, and i have to go vote, dr. garza, but obviously, secretary of homeland security is the incident manager here and i know you staff her and support her in that role, but i hope that you and she together will go back to look at this, and try to draw some lessons from it. so that, so that some of the great things that have been done here don't for some reason
. at the conclusion of this soundbite, you will hear for the first time the president of the united states warning of a double-dip recession in the united states. listen. >> there may be some tax provisions that can encourage businesses to hire sooner rather than sitting on the sidelines so we're taking a look at those. i think it is important, though, to recognize that if we keep on adding to the debt even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point people could lose confidence in the u.s. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession. brian: i think it also shows his impatience with the fact that the hiring is not coming back as quick. the unemployment number is higher than anyone projected. and on top of that he's saying, look, i see the polls, i see what happened two weeks ago. america is concerned about our national credit card. member deficits don't matter. clearly it does matter. gretchen: in both virginia and new jersey both of those states went to republican governors. the number one concern from voters at the exit polls was the economy by a huge margin so a lo
of the detainees who are drank russ and remain dangerous to the united states but can't be tried, that has slowed down the process, and for the first time, acknowledged that he is going to miss the deadline that, privately, white house aides have been suggesting for about a month or so would be missed but in that respect, the president said he told the country guantanomo will remain open, and by unable to say when it will be closed it could be open for most of 2010, which would be to a certain degree undercut what the president thought he would gain by closing guantanomo, which is a better reputation for the united states dealing with human rights. alyson: major, in a few moments we will go back to eric holder speaking about khalid sheik mohammed. did you have a chance to speak to the president about that trial specifically? alisyn: not directly, but the president said something interesting in the course of explaining what will happen to the detainees still at guantanomo. he said some will come to the united states and some will be convicted, which is something that is a bill odd for someone who
of the united states. 54degrees. i tell you what, i saw the movie 201 yesterday. i'm just happy to see california on the map. here a look at the satellite- radar composite for the nation. there she is storminess in the midwest as you can sigh the low pressure system right there, the precipitation spinning around t that is very slowly making its way eastward. we've had clouds across the southeastern seaboard and into our region as well, some cloud cover. we'll see more clouds today than wave seen. sex is clear. part of the reason we've seen the temperature drop off so significantly there. here is the forecast for washington for today. not a bad day. increasing clouds, seasonal temperatures. 58degrees for your high. our normal high is 57 degrees. we're right there. for tonight, we'll see more clouds, a chance of some showers popping up overnight particularly out to the west. overnight low about 48 degrees. then for your five-day forecast, 59 tomorrow with showers and clouds. friday, saturday, look good. sunday, more cloud build in again and bring another chance of some rain showers in th
of the united states and particularly for their brethren who is have served in the field which is what we just did on veterans day. these are washington's own words that he wrote in his resignation at the end. and finally, does he, god, would most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy and to demean ourselves with charity and humility and specific temper of mind which were the characteristics of the divine author of our blessed religion. that's who he thought was the divine author of our blessed reasonable. and without a noble invitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation and he signed that, honored to be with great respect an esteemed, your excellency's most humble servant, george washington. now that was our first president. the first commander in chief. those were his words, that's what he thought. he thought we had a divine author of our blessed religion. he didn't know what our current president knows, apparently. out here we have a painting right outside, a massive painting, of the constitutional convention. after nearly
would not be released in the united states. >>> and the nor'easter that moved through last year brought tires off shore of the island. that is a result of the wind and rain. a volunteer crew started removing them today. >>> take a live look outside right now. the temperatures have dropped and the skies are pretty blue and we are watching the satellite/radar. we are live with complete first warning weather coverage. marty bass is in the outback. >> it is not bad after all. >> and bernadette woods is in the weather center. >> the sun is coming out and it is nice. we want to show you the first warning doppler radar. it is dry around us. to the west and south, showers are developing. high pressure is dominating us and keeping us dry. the high will give way and give us a chance for showers as we head into tomorrow and that will continue into friday morning. for what else is going on with the weather, let's go out to marty. >> thank you very much. it is mid week. we like to look at the weekend. i can tell you this. the weather might be getting very problematic. let's take a look at the graphi
. it is here to fight the war on terror. the united states and its allies came to afghanistan after september 11. afghanistan was troubled like hell before that, too. nobody bothered about us. >> ifill: afterward, published reports said those remarks rankled american officials as they wrestle with sending more troops to afghanistan. president obama has been weighing options for months, and today, in china, he talked about it with cnn. >> i will announce that decision certainly in the next several weeks. the pieces involved number one, making sure that the american people understand we do have a vital interest in making sure that al qaeda cannot attack us and that they can't use afghanistan as a safe haven. we have a vital interest in making sure that afghanistan is sufficiently stable that it can't infect the entire region with violent extremism. >> ifill: that decision will come as public support for the afghan war continues to fall. a "washington post"-abc news poll published today found 52% of americans now believe the war has not been worth fighting. support for the war in other nato-memb
for an investigation on the battlefield because now we're saying he is subject to criminal court in the united states. >> reporter: but the most emotional moment for holder came as he was leaving the hearing. 9/11 family members like alice hoagland who lost a son on united flight 93 pleaded with him not to bring the accused terrorist to the u.s. >> we are heartsick and weary of the delays and the machinations and i am afraid that the theatrics are going to take over at this point and i very much regret that. >> reporter: holder says if the government somehow loses the case, khalid sheikh mohammed and the others would not be free, they'd be held in military custody as enemy combatants, virtually the same sat us the they now have. katie? >> couric: bob orr, bob, thanks very much. now turning to the president's trip to asia. he played tourist bundling up for a visit to the great wall of china. he called it magical. from there it was on to the final stop, south korea. before they left beijing, chief white house correspondent chip reid talked one on one with the president about a number of issues, includi
terrorists were acquitted they would not be released in the united states. >> the attorney general also is responding to questions today about the forty hood shooting ram paid. >> reporter: he's disconcerned about the contacts between the shooting suspect and a radical overseas. there's e-mails did not advocate or threaten violence. police believe they signed open fire killing 13 people and wounding dozens of others. the government is in a process of conducting a federal review to determine if any internal warping signs were missed. >> okay. thank you. >> hello. we have had an above ground gas explosion. it's occurred shortly after 3:00 today. it's the 300 block of old stage road that's off off quarter field road. apparently, they were on the scene when above ground gas line apparently exploded. now it's not -- we don't know of injuries here at the scene. at this particular time, the damage appears to be reasonably minimal. no one has been sent to a local hospital. fire officials were on the scene a short time ago. they have shut off the gas line and appears there is no further danger f
to change that as the way we look at energy in the country. in the united states of america. and this beautiful place that we call home. now, as we talk about the tax incentives necessary for homeowners and businesses to be able to invest in their homes, i think mr. inslee is right on track there. as we talk about what we can do in looking at being smarter about the way that we look at policy. adopting better ways of doing things. encouraging people to invest in their homes in way that's going to save them money in the long run, that's going to add value to their home in the long run is brilliant. i hope we have something like that in the new jobs bill. mr. tonko, you were talking about how you were able to work with schools in your community with cornell, with institutions , elite institutions, universities to work with the local public schools to create more efficiency so they could put more money back into their pockets. how the more competitive cost structure with products as well. when we invest in our schools, we create living classrooms. we create classrooms where we
, srch waiting for president obama's decision about future afghan strategy coming from the united states. we talked to several top military officials and they keep using phrases like a critical turning point, also catch phrases like the last quarter of a football game, and also a craps shoot, maybe the roll of the dice. they know if they don't do it now and do it right, then the situation is lost. they are waiting for troops and resources, but they are aiming to keep al qaeda out but this is a deal with the taliban in some way. they're not going for a per fejt modern democracy. they just want a stable state with some security in which they can lead. they admit to me that it is not a done deal. gregg: greg palkot from afghanistan, thank you very much . >> the foreign minister from tehran says they will not sending enriched uranium to another country for holding but they would swap it in exchange for fuel rods for their medical research facility. tehran is saying the swap must take place on iranian soil, of course part of the ongoing discussion between iran and the united states to allow r
is under president -- is under pressure from the united states and other countries to end corruption in their government. >>> somali pirates have attacked the maersk alabama but this time the outcome was different. they fired on the ship but private securityuards on board fired back and the pirates fled. in april, they attacked the ship and held its captain hostage until navy seals rescued him. two former maersk crew members and ask them to rename or repaint the ship because they felt it would be attacked again but nothing was done. >>> a college student is dead and her classmate is injured every hunter fired on them. there were collecting frogs in the woods near ferrum college won a hunter said he mistake -- mistook the group as a deer. jessica clark died after she was shot in the chest. a man from mclean was shot in the arm. a third stood was not injured. >> he is a wonderful boy, and it is very sad it happened to him. i'm glad to know he is ok now and i feel very blessed that he was ok. >> the man will require that the physical therapy. a 31-year-old jason cloutier was charged wit
agreement between the united states and south korea that is still not ratified by the u.s. the president will also address troops, american troops that are stationed in south korea when he is there before he leaves back for the states. president obama did sit down with me for an interview before he left beijing. we touched on a number of topics, afghanistan, the khalid shake mow ham tuhammamuhammad, presidency is taking a physical toll on him or not. you'll see all of those questions and answer later on the "today" show and later on msnbc. back to you, christina. >> thanks so much, chuck. don't miss chuck todd's interview which airs this morning on 7:00 a.m. on "today" right here on this nbc station. >>> well, faced with a new obstacle to the middle east peace process, the white house is delivering sharp criticism of israel's plans to build 900 new housing units in the east jerusalem neighborhood. the white house has called for israel to halt its construction in the area and said it's, quote, dismayed by the plan to proceed. land that was captured back in 1967 but claimed as preliminarie
, a lot of that when the chinese ship products to the united states, we americans buy their goods. and we, of course, pay dollars. so china right now is sitting on a big sack of u.s. money which they invest in america. >> say that the chinese sack of dollars is $1.4 trillion thick. >> reporter: that's a lot of money. so some chinese are asking, why not take the profits that china has made in america and sell u.s. stocks and bonds and dollars and turn them into chinese money so china can fix some of the problems they've got at home? so if china is going to change $1 trillion into chinese money, that means china is going to sell $1 trillion. and buy a huge amount of chinese money. and moving that much wealth from one nation to the other will lower the value of the u.s. dollar, raise the value of chinese money, with the unfortunate effect that then anything made in china becomes more expensive in america. >> if they take $1.4 trillion out of the united states and pour it into china, the value of the chinese currency is going to more than double. if it more than doubles, everything we buy fro
of the united states for the past four days. that system is going to continue to bring in the moisture. that's what's causing the shower activity. from ohio back to west virginia and western portions of pennsylvania and western sections of virginia as well as the carolina coastline. those showers are gradually going to make their way into the region as the high pressure today makes its exit across the atlantic and allows the system in the ohio valley to move through the system. nothing showing up shower-wise on our rada . by tomorrow it will be showers moving in the region. temperature wise 55. 53 smithburg. in germantown 52. 56 d.c. middle town 53. here's your forecast tonight. clouds continue to thicken as well as the moisture content. here comes the shower activity tomorrow. mostly in the afternoon and tomorrow evening. that's when we'll see the heaviest rainfall. then the system moves through. we'll see sunshine return. temperatures remaining moderate . here's your forecast tonight. í mostly cloudy. not as chilly. overnight low 47 degrees. in the city we'll get down to 52 degrees. we h
in the united states, was able to manipulate federal regulators to obtain billions of dollars in taxpayer money to help it go through with a deal it intended to do in any event. >> reporter: brian moynihan replaced mayopolous in the middle of the deal. moynihan says he believed the bank did have a case to call it off. >> when i came in to general council on december 14 or 15, we became aware that the losses had reached $18 billion, pretax. it was a different set of facts and circumstances. >> reporter: but republicans paint the scene differently. they think federal regulators pressured the bank to go through with the merrill buy. ranking republican darryl issa says the government's heavy hand kept bank of america from getting a better price. >> merrill lynch was not worth what you paid for it. had you been able to negotiate in december instead of in september, you would have been able to negotiate a much lower price. >> reporter: to add another angle to just how controversial the merrill deal was-- and still is-- even a bank of america board member seemed unsure about it. in january, charles gi
and even the recommendation, even the united states preventive task force said that it's important that they will find less cancer. get the mammogram and save your life. >> maryland senator issued a statement saying the report quote threatens the decades of progress we made in improving access and methods of breast cancer screening that saves lives. it could give insurance companies already looking for ways to deny coverage to women another reason to do so. but not all doctors believe the new recommendations are a bad idea. >> mainly the cancer caused between 40 and 50 would have had the same course as we waited for the cancer to express itself in a different way. that is showing by studying women that didn't undergo screening. it didn't make any difference. not only do we put many more women through procedures, we label cancer patients and lots of women who didn't have the cancer yet. >> area physicians have been pretty busy answering questions from confused patients and as lindsey reports, many doctors are now worried patients will soon cancel their mammogram appointment. >>>
and white evil medicine. that's good. as long as it looks cool. maybe the president of the united states will know, because he told us back in january that things are so, so bad that we have to act right now ontsd stimulus or -- >> our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that at some point we may not be able to reverse. glenn: oh, that sounds bad! they assured us, because we're not going to be able to reverse it if we don't act now, but if we act now -- it sounds like the sham wow guy -- if you act now and pass the stimulus package, unemployment will never go below 8%. act now! call! we bought into that when we got the package. all right. this is made out of cartd board. we bought into it for $787 billion that stimulus idea, and woo, it is slightly -- i think 10 is a bigger number than 8. here we are 10.2% unemployment. they warned us of bad times. they promised they could make our boo-boo all better and we listened and it didn't get any better. instead of the truth, we get this. >> nobody understood what the depths of this recession were going to look like. >> i know i keep coming bac
, the united states? >> yes, yes, yes. it was the best system in th world, we thought. >> reid: yh, youhought. and when you studied it, wt did you find >> well, amerin is not really a syst that you can copy. it's a mart. so if yolet things happen it will be li the unitestates. there are many supporter but the end we said, "no, this is not the way we wanto go >> reid: they waed a system that gaveverybody equal access to health care, free choicof docts with no waiting time, and a system that couraged lots of competition amg medical priders. to financehe scheme, they chose a national insance systemhat forced everybody to join iand pay. but profesr hsiao thought taiwan could improve oother countries like japan a germany >> we trto correct their mistakes. japan has many funds. >> reid: yes. >> and wunified it. geany let the rich people opt out. we do not let the rich peopl opt out. so we're building on whathey have de correctly, but trying to overcome their ficiencies. >> reid: the solutn: to have one government insurer collecting t money and no chance to t out. the resulta system that works a bi
't. before leaving china today, he met with the country's premier. the president says the united states' relation some with china is getting stronger. >>> in money news, most of us will spend about $700 on twist this is holiday. >> or can you do something el with all that cash. treat yourself to a holiday getaway. we'll show you some deals coming up in about 10 minutes. >>> next though, stranded by a sea of icele we'll update the situation with that cruise ship full of passengers. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ho ho the hottest toys, the flattest tv's. hot. flat . that's how you win christmas! boom! boom! boom! looking good sis! starts friday, november 27th, at 5am. get ready. i don't channel all of my insecurities into chrisas. i'll leave that to my sparkle sister. i'll be doing my shopping at a decent hour, at target's 2-day sale. huge savings on clothes and fancy home stuff. plus, i can still get the normal stuff, for normal people who aren't like... get there friday november, 27th at 5am or later. >>> vacation extended sort of for more than 100 people in russia. the cruise sh
governor's race up in pennsylvania next year. they have a huge united states senate race with arlen specter fighting for his life. and we lost about, i think six congressional districts in the last two elections in pennsylvania. and we have got solid candidates in a lot of those who are going to be running. pennsylvania could be one of the big swing states back in 2010. and he is going up there right now to try to put a fire hose on the fire. greta: so you don't think this is necessarily about jobs but more about star power and try to make sure that he can keep that state in the democratic category? >> absolutely. he is going to go to key states. allen town is an area where the congressman there is a republican. they think it's one of their pick up chances to run against charlie in allen town. neighboring district is dave carney who voted for the health care bill in a very rural, republican district. going to try to shore up the southern part of his district. on the other side of allen town is a democrat, he is in a republican district. i mean this was strategically located to help guys run
the united states? there are your choices. i'll tell but that. no hurricane coming our way, by the way. i'll tell you how wet it will be tomorrow. >> we'll see you in a bit. thank you. >>> next week millions of people will be hitting the road for thanksgiving. aaa released its holiday travel forecast this morning. you can expect long lines at the airport and traffic troubles on our roads. eun yang reports from national airport. >> reporter: aaa calls it a growth in consumer confidence, a projected 4.1% increase in overall travel over the thanksgiving holiday this year. >> although it may seem slight, last year travel was down 25%. so the actual swing is more than 1.4% when you compare it to last year. >> reporter: but air travel is expected to decline by 6.7%, coinuing a downward trend that started in 2000 when it dropped an alarming 62%. travelers say high ticket prices, fewer flights and added fees make for a costly endeavor. >> i hate to pay $22 a bag. my boys wanted their own suitcase and i'm so glad i didn't. >> they are charging you an extra fee for the time you travel, on the parti
. north korea's nuclear program a big concern for the united states and other allied asian powers. a big priority is getting north korea back to the negotiating table in those six-way talks before leaving china. the president took a little stroll. not an easy stroll, on the great wall. climbed part of it and called the wall absolutely spectacular. >>> right now live, attorney general eric holder testifying before the senate judiciary committee. he's going to be asked tough questions. he's going to be talking about his decision to put the professed september 11th mastermind and four our suspects on trial in new york city. critics have said the move will give khaled sheikh mohammed a stake and saying they can control unruly defendants. were we'll listen to that and get you highlights. stay with us in the next hour. holiday travel already more expensive, if you've been watching because the surcharges. the airline have added those on during the busiest days. the surcharges aren't going anywhere, even after the holidays end. jennifer westhoven is looking out for you and i know is a little fru
. >> there was no talk of o.j. becoming. of the united states. how scary is that? >> patience. patience. he's studying law. >> sarah palin threw some punches at levi on "oprah" but levi hit back on "e.t. "let's look. >> the whole premise of levi ever having lived with bristol is false, and from there, though, i mean you take that foundational untruth and you can kind of measure all the other things that he's saying. >> you know, she's basically calling me a liar which is total [ bleep ]. i did for, you know, a few, a couple months, and then we split up, and that was it. >> well, i mean, you know, it's becoming he said/she said. >> right. >> if you read the "vanity fair" article i'm sure you read that with levi he says scathing things about her and she went after him and the interview with oprah, she talks about him as a porn star with the "playgirl" thing he's not doing full frontal. oh, my god, san francisco is creating a national day of mourning, because -- but anyway. who do you believe? who do you think is tell -- who is the bigger liar, let's say or the smaller liar? >> wow. i think it's just --
in the united states and the the trial should get of so far as tosme -- that they are not trying to criminalize 9/11 but treat it as the first major act in this country of the war on terror. >> if there was one major moment it was an interaction between one of the senior republicans, lindsey graham and the attorney general, graham asked specifically if this administration picked up osama bin laden tomorrow would they mirror ran dies him, read him his rights and treat him like a common criminal >> when does custodial interrogation begin in this case. if we captured osama bin laden would he be entitled to miranda warnings at the time of capture? >> well, it aum depends. >> well, it does not tend to our launch s clear because the moment custodial interrogation occurs, the defendant, the criminal defendant is entitled to a lawyer and to be informed of their right to remain silent. the big problem i have is that you're criminalizing the war. martha: i gather out of context that lindsay graham was not to comment publicly until he met with the president and seems clear he supports military commission
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these prisoners to the united states, which implied civilian trials. and at that meeting in february he told us that he had not made a decision. clearly he already had. i think that the statements on his part and the part of the attorney general do not square with the commitment that we have heard over last couple of years. neil: if it turns out that he is found guilty and they recommend the death penalty and he is put to death, would you feel any differently about this? >> look, justice delayed is justice denied. it is eight years, for some families even longer. i do not understand this dance that is going on. the purpose is to find out who is guilty and who is not guilty. to make sure that the innocent are not punished and that the guilty are punished. but it is clear that that is not the purpose for the administration. that there is some other kind of consideration. i am very concerned about this plea for a dismissal about the lack of a trial, wherever these people were caught. it makes no sense. people are citing the 1993 terrorists who attacked the world trade center. well, we tried those
of many iranians, in fact, at eir biggest threat now was n longerhe great satan, the united states, it wano longer externalhreats. but at the biggest threat to the gime, really, was coming om inside iran. >> narrator: itsegitimacy now question, the regime brought out its yalists. it was an impressi show of rength for a president who claimed overwhelming suppo, and dismissed the otestors as "dirt and dust >> ahmadinejad is a acksmiths' son, ande is, at heart, a socialist. he wanted toe able to help the people, and so an awful loof people, u know, voted for him. it perfectly natural. ( cheers ) >>arrator: nader mokhtari is a comnist for a hard-line newspaper whblames the violen on opposition leader moussavi. >> ihe had not said the election had bn rigged, wiout any evidence, substantiaevidence, none of this would havhappened. that's rabble rousing. we're not going give up iran because . moussavi has lied we will not give up an, because weaid such a heavy pre to have it, and this is the voice of t majority of anians. >> narrator: it waturning into war of numbers. the opposion fought
.  >>> rather dubious milestone bs national debt in the united states topped $12 trillion. it's right there. translates in to nearly $39,000 for every man, woman and child. deficit for the just ended 2009 fiscal year hit all time high of $1.42 trillion. national debt increased 1.6 trillion under president obama. >>> senate bill will include what is called the class act. it's a voluntary long-term care program. some economists request whether the program will be substantial >>> another accident related to a motorcade for joe biden. secret service says a police car working ahead of the motorcade was involved in a traffic accident last night in new york city. the car wasn't part of the motorcade itself and the vice president was not hurt. some were in the accident. >>> get ready for smackdown, wwe super star will join us live in studio as we get set for the big upcoming match. >>> and the father of sarah palin 's grandchild poses for playgirl. started taking airborne to help support my immune system when i travelled. but thei realized... there are so many other times my immune system could use
crew mates boarded the same plane to head back to the united states. >> the same thing happened. four hours into flight the entire aircraft was ill again. people were vomiting and they were just sick. >> reporter: this time she also got sick and now nine years later she's still dealing with confusion and other neurological problems. >> the faa never called me. >> reporter: she's one of several flight attendants who have su airlines saying they were exposed to toxic chemicals in the cap bin's air supply-- >> cabin's air supply. >> there are chemicals or jet fuel that can get brought into the air of the aircraft. >> reporter: occupational medicine specialist dr. robert harrison says she was exposed to toxic chemicals in the plane's lead air. outside air that comes through the engine into the air conditioning system. >> this problem occurs when the mechanical system of the aircraft malfunctions and these products when they're burned get into the air supply system and circulate around the cabin air. >> reporter: the contaminated air harrison says is similar to what you would find in dange
in locust point. >> the red been nearly four thousand swine flu desk so far end the united states, including two oncologist -- college campuses reported today. a key health official was pressed on the subject. >> it has been like playing of " where's waldo?"trying to figure out who has it. >> this government has enough vaccine for guantanamo bay, but not enough for grandma kay. >> there is no vaccine on its way to guantanamo. >> your under oath. did not testify to things you have no knowledge of. >> canada, asia, and europe use a drug that stretches h1n1. the government says it did not want to try something new in the middle of the pandemic. >> we made a commitment not to cut corners. >> four of the five companies that make our vaccine to sell overseas. the government admits it knew some of those countries orders would be filled first. >> early on into this, we did know. >> america's biggest manufacturer says this pennsylvania plants are working overtime. >> they are operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with more than 2000 dedicated people involved in getting the vaccine out the door
's listen to this. >> do you ever want to be president of the united states? >> that certainly isn't on my radar screen right now, but when you consider some of the ordinary turning into extraordinary events that have happened in my life i am not one to predict what will happen in a few years. my ambition, if you l my desire is to help our country in whatever role that may be and i cannot predict what that will be, what doors would be open in the year 2012. >> would you play a major role? >> if people will have me, i will. >> i'll tell you which people would like it, comedians. >> you know, i don't think we should trash her, though, for wanting to be president. i want every girl in america to want to grow up to want to be president. >> i know. >> that's not a bad thing. what troubles me is that people might actually vote for her. ambition i think should not be attacked in women. >> david brooks, did you see him on george stephanopolous said she was a joke, ann, your own party base person there, one of the intellectuals in the party, i know that. he thinks she's a joke and she should be a t
. this is marian, i'm saluting my son, a corporal in the united states marine corps. we're so proud of you, your whole family. we've missed you so much during your deployment and can't wait for to you return home soon. god bless you. you're such a role model, your brother, sister and all your cousins and we're so grateful for all offservice. we miss your practical jokes and bear hugs. be safe and return home to us. hoorah! >>> a tree removal job went really, really wrong when the crane tipped over and sliced through a house. look at this. it happened monday in santa rosa, california. can you imagine? even the people who saw it happen weren't sure if it was real. >> i was running the chainsaw and didn't have time to turn it off. that thing was coming up and over, like, right over the top of my head. >> it was so fast after that. it just came crashing -- it sliced through the house with absolutely -- like butter. just went right through and i was just absolutely stunned. i didn't know what to think. >> wow. thankfully nobody was hurt. the people in the home have been told to stay out during the wh
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